Invitations & Awards


All speakers must accept or decline their invitations to the International Championship within one week of the tournament to secure their spot. 

You'll find the Accept/Decline form in your student notebook or on the main tournament page.

The list below shows all who have accepted or declined their invitations

To compete in the Championship, all speakers must:

  • present all speeches in the community.
  • register for iCON, being held on June 21-22, 2021 in real time and online!
  • register for the Championship Tournament.

Accepting an invitation requires a commitment to:

  • present prepared speeches in the community prior to the tournament.
  • register for iCON
  • register for the Championship Tournament.



The Young Speakers Guild Award is the highest level of recognition at ICCFS tournaments and is awarded exclusively to eligible Guild Inductees.


This award was designed to recognize those who are continuing to

  • pursue excellence in communication
  • grow in leadership training
  • exhibit Christ-like character and
  • invest in the lives of those following in their steps.

These 2021 International Championship speakers have received the highest award at this ICCFS Tournament. 

2021 Young Speakers Guild

   Award Winners
International Championship June 2021


1st Place Young Speakers Guild Award Winner  

Nehemiah Yen

2nd Place Young Speakers Guild Award

Julia Chan

3rd Place Young Speakers Guild Award

Catherine Gunther

4th Place Young Speakers Guild Award

Isabel Yang

5th Place Young Speakers Guild Award

Gracie Wood

6th Place Young Speakers Guild Award

Michaela Young


Qualifying to compete for the Young Speakers Guild Award

in alphabetical order:

Luke Boudreaux-Deutsch

Olivia Dailey

Rachel Eliason

Olivia Hebert

Hannah Hoy

Hope Lukachick

Timothy Lukachick

Anna Molewyk

Lydia Moser

Kaleigh Power

Madeline Rambo

Louise Ruff

Zachary Walden

Rena Xu


 International Championship Winners! 


This year we had over 100 speakers from across the globe competing in Round Table and various speech events.

They are achieving excellence and we'd like to recognize them.